Herman Le Roux - Media Industry Professional

Herman Le Roux

Audio Professional



Production, Composition, Performance, Sound Design, Final Mix, Foley, Songwriting, Guitar, Editing, Mixing, Mastering.


I come from a background of teaching guitar and went on to study music and sound engineering. Guitar and piano are my two main instruments of which I have many years of experience playing in bands and recording. I have worked extensively in the studio, recording bands and producing tracks for artists as well as scoring for documentaries and creating sound design for broadcast productions. I have also lectured sound engineering at Boston Media House.

My experience working on a broad range of projects for different clients has given me a strong intuition for audio solutions across different formats and styles. 

Contact: hermanleroux1981@gmail.com

079 522 7381

Composition Samples



An abandoned asylum in south africa. there are african rhythmic patterns accentuated by sounds akin to medical equipment. A powerful orchestral theme binds it all together.



Epic and triumphant orchestral piece, an entrance or victory.



Generic wholesome Sitcom Theme.



Epic melodic themes played by a rock band.



The same track, played with 8-bit instrumentation.



A heist, oceans 11 style.



Thugs in johannesburg planning a criminal act. Hip hop with african rhythms and a hint of kwaito.



00:01 - Upbeat and wholesome ukulele driven music.

00:21 - Scientific progress.

00:29 - upbeat music followed by ukulele theme.

00:54 - hopeful for the future. Success.

01:33 - challenges/danger.

02:00 - wholesome family orientated guitar music.

02:34 - atmospheric outtro sound.


079 522 7381